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Digimon Xros Wars Episode 01 Taiki, Go to Another World In Hindi Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, Hindi dub anime

The story begins with a seventh-grade boy named Mikey Kudou dreaming of commanding a Digimon army. The next day, harassed by his childhood friend Angie Hinomoto over standing her up to help the basketball team and his rival Jeremy Tsurugi demanding a kendo rematch, Mikey spots a dying red creature flickering in static. Wanting save the creature, Mikey hears a mysterious voice which presents him with a Fusion Loader, which absorbs the creature to heal him within the item as Mikey grabs it against his friends' pleas. After he and his friends then sucked into a portal to the Digital World, Mikey finds himself and the others surrounded by MadLeomon and his troops! The group is rescued by Ballistamon, Starmon and the Pickmons before the red creature emerges from the Fusion Loader and introduces himself as Shoutmon while stating his intent to become the king of the Digital World.

Digimon Xros Wars

Taiki Kudō, a 7th grade boy, heard a mysterious melody and followed it to an alley where a mysterious, legendary Digivice called the Xros Loader appeared in front of him. Accompanied by his friends, Akari Hinomoto and Zenjirō Tsurugi, they were dragged into the Digital World. They soon realized that the Digital World was a place inhabited by living creatures named Digimon and is now slowly being taken over by an evil empire named the Bagra Army. Now, Taiki and his "Xros Heart" team become an important figure to free the world from the Bagra Army, led by their Emperor Bagramon.
When the Digital World was separated into 108 Zones with an element named "Code Crown" placed in each Zone, it invites few parties to collect the Code Crown to claim each Zone, to achieve the goal into uniting and taking over the Digital World. Feeling the strong responsibility to save the world, Taiki forms his own group named Xros Heart, which is considered a strong threat to the Bagra Army, and battles along with some other parties including another human boy, Kiriha Aonuma, and his Blue Flare group. Also a human girl, Nene Amano, with her team Twilight.


Digimon Xros Wars Episode 01 Taiki, Go to Another World

Disney XD

Disney XD is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of Disney–ABC Television Group, part of the Disney Media Networks division of the The Walt Disney Company. Aimed primarily at male pre-teens and teenagers 6–14 years of age, its programming consists of original first-run television series, current and former original series and made-for-cable films from sister network Disney Channel, theatrically-released movies, and live-action and animated programs from other distributors.

The channel offers an alternate Spanish language audio feed, either via a separate channel as part of a package of Spanish television networks sold by cable and satellite providers or a separate audio track accessible through the SAP option, depending on the provider.

Ben 10 Omniverse Episode 42 Mystery, Incorporeal In Hindi Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, Hindi dub anime

Bill Gacks, an (actual) human plumber who resembles Vilgax, accidentally activates a weapon Vilgax set to attack Bellwood while fixing Pakmar's plumbing in Undertown. When Psyphon returns, he believes Bill is Vilgax, and, elated that his master has returned, pledges to help him in anyway to destroy Bellwood. Meanwhile Ben and Rook try to stop Vilgax's squid monsters that the weapon accidentally released. 

Ben 10 Original Series Episode 30 Merry Christmas In Hindi Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, Hindi dub anime

Ben, Grandpa Max, and Gwen come upon a bizarre Christmas village run by a Christmas-obsessed man (Mr. Jingles) who thinks Grandpa Max is Santa Claus and proceeds to trap him. As Ben and Gwen explore, they learn about a strange curse on the village from one of its few disloyal elves, including one, who happens to be the son of the Christmas-obsessed man. The village was frozen at Christmas, in the 1930s. But when Ben delivers all the gifts that had been made, time catches up to the village instantly. All of holiday village is back to normal and all captured children have been returned and aged accordingly to where they were and aged to their correct ages as though they had never been taken. (For those of you familiar with the popular Japanese anime, Naruto: when Ben, Gwen, and Max see Elsgood (who is now aged into an old man), he's there with his 3 grandchildren, who resemble Konahamaru, Moegi, and Udon (Konahamaru wearing goggles on his head like in Naruto.) 

Ben 10 Original Series Episode 26 Back with a Vengeance In Hindi Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, Hindi dub anime

Ben accidentally figures out the master-control of the Omnitrix, allowing him to become any alien just by thinking about it at will, and stay an alien indefinitely. Elsewhere, Kevin had assumed control of the Megacruiser. Using it to navigate the Universe, he locates and revives Vilgax. The two battle, but Vilgax wins and quickly realizes the nature of Kevin's mutation and decides that he may be of use. Kevin and Vilgax locate Ben and fight to a stalemate. Max attempts to trap the enemies in the Null Void dimension; however, Ben gets pulled in as well and ends up continuing his battle in another realm. Gwen enters the Null Void in order to retrieve Ben.

Unfortunately, Kevin takes her hostage, forcing Ben to give away the Omnitrix in order to save her. But before anyone can escape, Kevin double-crosses Vilgax. Ben and Gwen procure the Omnitrix in the resulting brawl and leave the two villains trapped in the Null Void dimension. Ben reattaches the Omnitrix, only to realize that he had zeroed out the master-control and can no longer perform mind-accessed transformations.

Note: This episode features rapid transformations between all of Ben's active aliens.

Ben 10 Original Series Episode 25 Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray In Hindi Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, Hindi dub anime

When Ben tries to take apart the Omnitrix to see how it works, he ends up breaking off its face and causing weird combinations of his alien forms when he transforms. Additionally, the broken piece begins mutating the smaller creatures it comes into contact with. Meanwhile, Dr. Animo escapes from prison and, during a battle with Ben, finds the broken piece of the Omnitrix. Using it, he is able to complete his large-scale Transmodulator, giving him the power to mutate the entire planet in a single shot. 

Ben 10 Original Series Episode 24 Ghostfreaked Out In Hindi Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, Hindi dub anime

Lately, Ben has been having strange nightmares about Ghostfreak. During a tour of an academy school Gwen wishes to attend, Ben sees and hears Ghostfreak everywhere, and bad luck follows him around. When Frightwig, Acid Breath, and Thumbskull show up, Ben activates his Omnitrix; however, it transforms him into Ghostfreak. After a vicious battle, during which Ben is clearly no longer in control, Ghostfreak escapes from the Omnitrix. Ghostfreak removes his second layer of skin in order to possess Ben, revealing a horrifying creature underneath. As a side effect of removing it, though, he can no longer withstand sunlight and is forced to retreat. Ghostfreak scares the circus trio into working for him as he schemes to possess Ben and gain control of the Omnitrix. Ben and family encounter Ghostfreak and his minions that night. Gwen and Max easily deal with the circus trio, but Ghostfreak has Ben on the run. As Ghostfreak prepares to possess him, Ben pulls back the curtains in the room while the sun is rising, incinerating him. In the end, presumably as a result of Gwen's connection with Ben and her involvement in fighting off the villains (during which quite some damage was done), her application for the academy is rejected. Ben manages to cheer Gwen up after she hears the bad news. Aliens transformed into: Wildmutt, Ghostfreak (last time), Fourarms, Grey Matter.

Ben 10 Original Series Episode 18 Grudge Match In Hindi Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, Hindi dub anime

Diamondhead battles the still-mutated Kevin, who had rendered Gwen and Max unconscious. A droid named Slix Vigma observes their fight, recognizing them as potential gladiators. Amidst the combat, a teleportation beam takes Diamondhead and Kevin to a huge ship called the Mega Cruiser, where life or death gladiator matches are regularly held between slaves captured from different alien races. There, Vigma makes Ben and Kevin a team, bonding them with shackles that transfer pain from one to the other. With no choice, Ben and Kevin battle another captive, Technorg, during which Ben teaches Kevin new attacks combining Omnitrix alien abilities in order to win. Though Kevin intends to kill Technorg, Ben restrains him and spares his opponent's life. After the fight, Ben and Kevin rally the other prisoners, who nearly all escape. However, Kevin traps Ben with the intent to kill, revealing that he still bears a grudge. Ben transforms into Cannonbolt, the only alien Kevin doesn't have, and knocks him out. Cannonbolt was about to launch his escape pod, until Kevin regained his conscious and tries to seize Cannonbolt. Fortunately, Technorg abides by a code of honor and saves Ben, sending him back to Earth. Kevin is left aboard the Mega Cruiser with Technorg. 

Ben 10 Omniverse Episode 41 Something Zombozo This Way Comes In Hindi Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, Hindi dub anime

After 2 weeks of not fighting anybody, Ben and Rook discover a circus ran by Zombozo and the Circus Freaks who appear to be turning everyone in Bellwood (including the Plumbers) into zombie clowns. Now Ben must try to overcome his fear of clowns so that he can save the people of Bellwood.